Compliance & Safety Management Solutions

Simplex Quality and Service

At the Simplex Group, our entire team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. From the management of the various comprehensive federal and state compliance programs to the health and well-being of your employees, our organization is totally committed to working with its clients in meeting and exceeding their compliance and safety needs.


DOT / FMCSA Compliance Services

Offering a simpler way for your company to be in compliance and helping your company avoid penalties and civil/criminal charges by monitoring, updating and assisting your company in all Federal and State regulations.

Permitting & Tax Services

Avoid waiting time, unwanted paperwork and the burden of excessive documentation. Concentrate on operating your vehicle, while our experts do all the administrative paperwork on your behalf.

Safety & Loss Control Services

Safety management is growing increasingly complex each year. We provide all important safety compliance programs services.

Trucking Insurance Services

We specialize in providing commercial insurance for the trucking industry. Whether you are an independent owner operator, motor carrier, we offer you the best variety of insurance products.