About the Simplex Group

The Simplex Group, Inc. has built a reputation as a leading provider of compliance and safety management solutions designed specifically for the transportation industry and other targeted high risk industries. We are a solution-led and results-oriented service organization with one goal: to relieve our clients from the increasing burden of compliance with regulations and requirements imposed by government agencies and insurance companies. We accomplish this through the implementation of effective compliance and safety programs.

Most compliance and safety programs available in the marketplace place the burden on the clients to implement and maintain the programs. At Simplex, we design, implement, and do all compliance maintenance so you can truly have more time to focus on your core business strategies and operations. With our hands-on service program, every Simplex client has an assigned service team dedicated to ensuring their program stays in full compliance.

A successful program must also be able to meet the challenges of today's dynamic and diverse driver market. All of Simplex's driver paperwork and training materials are in both English and Spanish, allowing drivers to better understand requirements and regulations.

New regulations, business practices and regulatory entities have created a changing and complex environment for transportation and high risk industries. One constant is the Simplex dedication to keep current with the latest trends, changes and developments in the field. Our diverse clientele count on our experienced professionals in DOT, OSHA, and benchmark compliance practices. Many of our clients utilize more than one Simplex service group to manage their compliance needs.

In addition to our experience and knowledge, Simplex relies heavily on technology to successfully manage its clients' entire compliance program. We have developed a leading proprietary software program, Simplex Compliance Systems, designed specifically for managing compliance in the transportation industry. This program is web enabled and fully integrated with Microsoft CRM and Great Plains. All components run on SQL databases and are supported by redundant RAID storage devices with daily remote data backups. These systems are an integral component of each of our service groups.