DOT Compliance Services

Let Us Handle Your DOT Compliance Needs

As you know, setting up and maintaining a program for state and federal compliance isn't a part time job for a carrier. It requires a significant amount of time and knowledge!

All carriers need to have their compliance needs monitored and reviewed for re-qualifications, renewals, log auditing, driver vehicle inspection reports versus vehicle maintenance records, drug and alcohol testing, driver and supervisor training, and much more. The expiration of any qualifying document means the carrier is subject to severe penalties and possible civil/criminal monetary costs, having a direct impact on your company. Should hazardous materials be involved, the results are all too often devastating.

We at Simplex Group can correct, administer, monitor, and update your record requirements by becoming your 'In-House Safety Compliance Expert', thus avoiding the expense of seminars, extra hiring and lost time on the job.

The Simplex Group has designed a turnkey program that implements and services the complete assistance of today's comprehensive compliance issues. Simplex will relieve you of the burden of having to keep up with regulation changes, the hassle of paperwork, government reporting procedures, and adding more staff to your organization.

Driver Qualification Files

Simplex puts an emphasis on alleviating you from all of the administrative and extensive paper work documentation and search of information pertaining to the administration of the "Driver Qualification File" required by the DOT. As part of our comprehensive service program, you will no longer be required to continue obtaining MVRs, Physical Examinations, Driver Certification and Qualifications, Records of Road Test, Compliance with Driver License Standards, etc. Our organization will implement, maintain and monitor all components of the "Driver Qualification File" for your company. If you have a potential new hire, let Simplex handle all the work. Within 72 hours (or sooner "Emergency Hires"), you will have a confirmation that all documentation for that particular driver is in order. Our services include the following:

  • Auditing and conversion to our files of all your existing DQF
  • Driver License Compliance
  • Review and Qualification of MVRs
  • Background Information from Previous Employers
  • Statement of Hours of Service
  • Driver Qualification and Disqualification
  • Record of Driver Training

Equipment Qualification File

Our services also include the set-up and implementation of the "Vehicle Qualification File" for each vehicle in service. This service consists of the following areas:

  • Set-up and conversion of all existing "Equipment Qualification Files" to our customized files
  • Education of your personnel on the maintenance and monitoring of the "EQF"
  • Education on required vehicle safety equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Periodic Equipment Inspections at your site or ours

Substance Abuse Program

By acquiring our services, (The) Simplex Group will free you of the hassles of having to deal with paperwork, communication with collection sites, laboratories and MROs. We will implement, maintain and monitor a "Substance Abuse Qualification File" for each of your drivers. Our organization has contracted medical facilities in your area to serve as collection sites. The experts within our Substance Abuse Department will be in charge of administering your entire program while you concentrate in developing your business needs. Our Substance Abuse Program includes the following:

  • Design and Implementation of a Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Set-up, maintenance and monitoring of all "Substance Abuse Qualification Files"
  • Set-up testing facilities near your place of business
  • Communication with Labs, Collection Sites and MROs
  • Driver Selection for Random Testing
  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Blind Test
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Post Accident Testing
  • Follow Up Testing
  • Employee & Supervisor Education

Substance Abuse Program - Third Party Administration

Federal drug and alcohol testing regulations (published in the Federal Register 49CFR, Part 40 and Part 382, et. al.) impose a requirement on motor carriers and drivers. Each commercial carrier is required to implement a “Substance Abuse Program” even if you are a small time carrier (2 or less drivers). We offer a solution to monitor and administer your Substance Abuse Program by adding your drivers to our pool of small carriers offering all the above mentioned services

Hours of Service Logs

Our organization has the capability of reviewing your "Driver Time Logs" on each of your drivers. Our computer auditing and review system scans logs and provides you with a report, by driver, detailing each discrepancy noted on the logs.

We also offer Onsite scanning capabilities to provide better service and turnaround time on the delivery of reports. Simplex Group installs a scanner at your facility allowing you the capability to scan logs at any time.  For faster review and compliance monitoring, once logs are scanned, our expert staff processes all images giving us the opportunity to submit reports to you within 72 hours


Because Simplex understands the importance of familiarizing your drivers with our program and the various comprehensive DOT regulations, our organization has developed various trainings to help enhance your safety programs as well as comply with DOT mandatory training. These programs are designed to provide your drivers with a professional education pertaining to the various DOT regulations in effect today. These training sessions are part of the overall service provided to you by our organization which includes the following:

  • Substance Abuse Policy (Employees and Supervisors)
  • Substance Abuse Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
  • Employer Policies and Procedures
  • General Rules and Regulations
  • Driver License Requirements
  • Necessary Safety Equipment
  • Driver Time Logs
  • Pre and Post-Trip Inspections
  • Transportation of Hazardous Materials on Public Highways
  • Other Safety Topics Available

Customized Service Reports

One of our priorities at Simplex is keeping our clients informed of all of our services. Our organization has developed a proprietary software system that tracks and maintains all details pertaining to our clients' operations. This system allows us to build customized reports that will inform you of all completed and up-coming services such as:

  • Drug Test Drug Test
  • Alcohol Test Alcohol Test
  • Disrepencies with Driver Time Logs Discrepancies with "Driver Time Logs"
  • Any Disqualifications or Expirations Any Disqualifications or Expirations
  • MVRs Review and Results MVRs Review and Results
  • Physical Examination Physical Examination
  • Renewal of Driver License Renewal of Driver License
  • Expired and/or Upcoming Required Training Expired and/or Upcoming Required Training
  • Driver Qualification Files "Driver Qualification Files"
  • Substance Abuse Qualification File "Substance Abuse Qualification File"
  • Equipment Qualification File "Equipment Qualification File"

Audit Assistance

We at Simplex Group understand that complying with all DOT regulations and dealing with the day to day operations of a trucking company can be overwhelming. That is why one of the greatest benefits we offer is the assistance in the different audits you may encounter whether it be: Federal, State or Insurance. We handle all aspects of the audit from gathering the required information, organizing all paperwork to setting up a meeting with the agency and representing you