Loss Control Services

Your Safety Compliance Team

Business managers today recognize that it is not enough to simply purchase insurance to cover potential losses. They understand that claims experience is the single most important factor used by insurers to set insurance premiums. Consequently it is now more important than ever to limit losses not to mention possible fines from OSHA.

Safety management is growing increasingly complex each year. There are substantial regulatory issues that can be difficult to comprehend, thus creating, administering and monitoring a sound safety program is any companies' constant challenge.

The Simplex Group provides all of the important occupational safety, health and compliance services needed to keep your business operating smoothly while minimizing your liability and workers' compensation exposure.

  • Customized Health & Safety Manuals
  • Client Site Visits
  • Field Underwriting Risk Assessment
  • Class Code Audits
  • On-site Safety Training for EE's and/or Supervisors
  • Accident Investigations
  • Assistance in Creating a Functional Safety Program i.e. self audits, safety committee's
  • Assistance with DOT or OSHA audits
  • DFWP Implementations

Customized Health & Safety Manuals

Our organization will create a customized Health and Safety Manual specific to your operations. Our goal is to create and implement a working and useful Health and Safety Manual in which your safety policies and procedures are professionally described. This manual will be a professional tool that will serve as a guide for accident and injury prevention within your organization as well ensuring compliance with your insurance and OSHA requirements.

Your Safety Department

The Simplex Group is not in the business of "consulting". We do not go in to make recommendations, collect a check and then leave you to handle the most difficult part of any safety program: the implementation, maintenance and follow thru of the program. Our service program relies on a "hands on approach". We become our clients "in-house" safety department at a fraction of the cost.

Dedicated Safety Manager

Apart from having a dedicated and professional team at our office to service you, a safety manager will be assigned to your account. Your safety manager will ensure that all necessary elements of your safety program are carried out. Among the many areas that "your" safety manager will assist your organization in are:

  • On-going evaluations to identify common OSHA violations, make proper recommendations and propose abatement procedures for safety hazards
  • Conduct employee and supervisor safety trainings
    (Initial & On-going)
  • Conduct accident investigation (when necessary)
  • Provide regulation up-dates
  • Provide service reports to management that will allow them to continually monitor the progress of the safety program
  • Direct Safety Committee

Employee and Supervisor Safety Training

A key component to any sound safety program is constant training and reinforcement of policies and procedures. Among the many topics of safety that Simplex Group handles are:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Lockout-Tagout
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift Safety
  • Fleet Safety
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Ergonomic
  • Safe Material Handling
  • Safety General Awareness
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Hotel Safety
  • Golf Course Maintenance Safety
  • FDOT Flagger Training
  • Other Services

Loss Control Field Underwriting Analysis

In today's volatile Workers Compensation Market, the need for an independent professional field underwriting report is essential in understanding the risk your organization will be taking on. Simplex Group can perform this function for your organization with a team of highly professional and trained Risk Managers that have, through their experience, knowledge concerning most every risk.

Drug Free Workplace Programs (DFWP)

Any sound safety program should consider the implementation of a DFWP. Not only can the implementation of a DFWP possibly reduce your insurance premium it will also assist you in minimizing your losses.

The Simplex Group will:

  • Design a Drug Free Workplace Policy
  • Set-up Collection Sites for Testing
  • Employee and Supervisor Training
  • Administration and Selection of Random Pools
  • MRO and Laboratory Communication
  • Customized Reports

Accident Investigation

After a serious injury and or accident has occurred; an accident investigation might be needed in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the event. Having a professionally conducted investigation is crucial in identifying and determining areas such as negligence, third party liability subrogation, and fraud.

The Simplex Group will:

  • Perform on-site Investigation
  • Interview witnesses
  • Provide a complete report with photographs, recorded statement, etc.
  • Assist during insurance or OSHA audits

Commercial Fleet Safety Management

The Simplex Group is a solutions-led and results-oriented service organization committed to enhancing our commercial fleets’ safety protocols, and ensuring they meet DOT/FMCSA compliance regulations and practices.

We service our clients by accomplishing results through the implementation of effective compliance programs and proven safety solutions. With over 430 Commercial trucking fleets and approximately 6,000 drivers, Simplex is the #1 provider of fleet loss control programs and commercial permitting in the Southeastern U.S. We have been in service for 10 years, with offices in Florida, Georgia, and California.

The Simplex Group has knowledgeable insight into DOT/FMCSA regulations and practices. The Simplex Group would like to share these observations through our exceptional Loss Control & Compliance Program. Through this program, we will assess your insured’s business operations, compliance program safety practices, and equipment condition. The Simplex Group will perform a mock audit according to DOT/FMCSA regulations, and report its finding to underwriting through a sound analysis summarizing its risk evaluation.

Our Loss Control Services include:

  • Underwriting Pre-Survey Evaluation
  • Underwriting Post-Survey Evaluation
  • Loss Control Field Safety Evaluation
  • Loss Control Telephonic Evaluation
  • Accident Investigations
  • Post-Accident Recorded Statements
  • Loss Control Improvement Consulting Services
  • DOT/FMCSA Mock Audit