Compliance Services

Let Us Handle Your DOT Compliance Needs

With the Simplex Solutions, you no longer have to deal with multiple vendors to be compliant. Let Simplex become the one place you can turn to for all your DOT compliance and Safety requirements. The Simplex Group, Inc. is committed to providing exceptional client service. We communicate and meet with our clients on a regular basis and provide complete DOT and insurance audit management. Each account is assigned a client service representative to handle their daily safety compliance needs.

Driver Qualification (Part 391)

  • Complete qualification of new hires at your place or ours
  • Driver’s application for employment (MVR, previous employer check, physical exam status)
  • DOT pre-employment drug testing
  • Previous employer verification
  • Carrier specific information (managing your requirements during new hire process)
  • Maintenance and annual review of driver qualification file

Substance Abuse (Part 40 & 382)

  • Design & implementation of customized substance abuse manual
  • Set-up, maintenance & monitoring of “substance abuse” abuse qualification files
  • Pre-employment, Random, Post-accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to Duty and Follow-up Testing
  • Communication with labs, collection sites & MRO’s
  • Selection for random drug & alcohol testing as per DOT requirements

Preventive Maintenance (Part 396)

  • Set-up, maintenance & monitoring of “vehicle qualification files”
  • Training on maintenance requirements
  • Education on required vehicle safety equipment
  • Annual vehicle inspection tracking for all Tractors & Trailers/Chassis
  • Annual Vehicle Inspections conducted by our certified inspectors (for client within 50 miles of our office locations)

Hours of Service (Part 395)

  • Electronic auditing and review of driver logs
  • Training for drivers, management & dispatchers
  • Falsification review of log books
  • Implementation of HOS disciplinary policies

Training (Available in English and Spanish)

  • Substance abuse Reasonable suspicion for supervisors
  • Driver Hours of Service
  • Pre/Post trip inspections
  • Transportation of Hazardous material on public highways (General Awareness, Function Specific, Security Training
  • General safety training and many more topics

24/7 access to our Simplex Compliance Portal with access to

  • Driver & Vehicle qualification files
  • Log Book auditing compliance reports
  • Random testing compliance reports
  • Expiration and Missing documentation report for all driver documentation (CDL, MVR, Medical Card)
  • Expiration and Missing documentation report for all vehicle Tractor/Truck & Trailer Chassis (Registration, Annual Inspection, PM notification)
  • Report following each client meeting with recommendations
  • Training library
  • Accident Register
  • Direct link to company CSA score and FMCSA news

Other Services

  • Unlimited Audit preparation
  • CSA analysis
  • Data Q challenges
  • Creation of customized Safety Manual

& Tax Services

Hand Your Hassles Over To Us

Avoid waiting time, unwanted paperwork and the burden of excessive documentation. Concentrate on operating your vehicle, while our experts do all the administrative paperwork on your behalf.

As you know, drivers and carriers alike need to be in compliance with the Department of Transportation in order to avoid tickets, penalties and possible civil/criminal charges. In order to remain in compliance, there are certain permits and documents which need to be maintained and updated periodically, as well as detailed procedures which need to be followed. Whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your existing operational permits, we at the Simplex Group can assist you with all of the following:

  • IFTA Permits
  • KYU License
  • NM Tax ID Permit
  • NY Hut Permit
  • Oregon Fule ID Permit
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Apportioned Tag (International Registration Plan)
  • Road Taxes
  • Employer ID No.
  • Motor Carrier Federal Authority (MC)
  • Process Agents
  • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
  • DOT Number
  • New Corporations
  • Bookkeeping & Tax Services
  • Overweight / Oversize / Over Dimensional Permits
  • New Jersey Tax Commercial Carrier Permit
  • California Pull Notice Program
  • California Carrier Operational Authority
  • Hazardous Material License
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Title Change and VIN
  • ID Verification

Expedited services are fully available for each of our permit services.


Loss Control

Your Safety Compliance Team

Business managers today recognize that it is not enough to simply purchase insurance to cover potential losses. They understand that claims experience is the single most important factor used by insurers to set insurance premiums. Consequently it is now more important than ever to limit losses not to mention possible fines from OSHA.

Safety management is growing increasingly complex each year. There are substantial regulatory issues that can be difficult to comprehend, thus creating, administering and monitoring a sound safety program is any companies' constant challenge.

The Simplex Group provides all of the important occupational safety, health and compliance services needed to keep your business operating smoothly while minimizing your liability and workers' compensation exposure.

  • Customized Health & Safety Manuals
  • Client Site Visits
  • Field Underwriting Risk Assessment
  • Class Code Audits
  • On-site Safety Training for EE's and/or Supervisors
  • Accident Investigations
  • Assistance in Creating a Functional Safety Program i.e. self audits, safety committee's
  • Assistance with DOT or OSHA audits
  • DFWP Implementations

Trucking Insurance

About Orbis

Orbis Insurance Group is an agency that offers insurance products that provide quality protection at a valued price to our carriers. Our mission is to supply specialized programs and services that insure sound solutions in risk management and financial security. Our professional team is dedicated to represent each of our clients’ needs through our excellence with customer service.

Our unique competitive advantage, over our competitors is our close relationship to our clients. Orbis has the upmost concern for their clients and values their business. Simplex has a well-established market in these regions and Orbis is ready to touch into these markets that we have connections in.

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